How do I add or change the subdomain for my new landing pages?

Last updated: June 15, 2016

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Product: HubSpot Marketing
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You can connect subdomains in HubSpot and choose to make them primary for your content tools.  For in-depth instructions for going live with your domains in HubSpot, check out this article and select your DNS provider from the list. If you do not have access to your DNS provider, this process may require the help of your IT department.

First, you need to add the subdomain to HubSpot's Domain Manager:
  • Navigate to Content > Content Settings > Domain Manager.
  • Click the Connect another COS domain button. 
  • Enter your new subdomain and select this as primary subdomain for landing pages (or all content tools) or choose to redirect it to an existing connected domain. Click here to see how many subdomains can be added in your account.
  • Click the Connect subdomain button.
  • Copy the CNAME provided.

Next you'll need to log into your DNS provider (GoDaddy, Network Solutions, etc.) or give this CNAME to a member of your IT team who has access to your DNS provider. each DNS provider has a unique layout and interface. These instructions give a general overview of the steps to take within your own DNS provider; however, the navigation and steps may be slightly different. 

  • Navigate to the DNS Zone File (Manage Domains/Manage DNS).
  • Create a new CNAME record. Make sure that the Type is set as CNAME.
  • Add the subdomain (i.e. info, blog, www) to the Host field and paste the CNAME from HubSpot into the Points to field. 
  • Save your changes. 

Note: this is an example; the record editor may appear differently in your DNS provider. 

Your changes will finish taking effect within 24 hours. You'll be able to verify that the domain is connected in HubSpot by going back to the Domain Manager tool in HubSpot and seeing that the Status of the domain is Primary and that the circle next to the domain name is green.

Please note: if your office has internal DNS routing, you will also need to create this subdomain internally or you will not be able to view the pages on your internal network.

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