Why is my root domain not loading over HTTPS?

Last updated: January 3, 2017

Available For:

Product: HubSpot Marketing
Subscription: Basic, Professional, & Enterprise
Add-Ons: Website

If your COS Website is set up using SSL (HTTPS), you may notice that the apex (root or non-www) domain does not load when you directly enter it (e.g. into your browser's URL bar. This is because, technically, the root domain is not certified or connected to HubSpot; it is connected via your redirection service provider to redirect to HubSpot, so the domains are likely hosted as such: (pointing to a redirect IP) > 301 redirects to > (hosted on HubSpot)

If you wish to have HTTPS support for your apex domain, you will need to set that up with a service provider that offers HTTPS redirection services. For more information on the technical requirements for connecting a domain to HubSpot, please check out this article

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