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Last updated: November 5, 2018

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Below are answers to frequently asked questions about smart content:

Which modules support smart content?

Rich text, CTA, and form modules support smart content. 

How do I know where I've placed my smart content in HubSpot?

Modules with smart content will have the smart content icon replace on them. You can see this on the module in the design manager or from within the content editor. 

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Can I use more than one criteria type per smart module?

No. When you make a module smart, you will only be able to choose one type of criteria. For example, if you choose to make a rich text module smart and base your smart rules around visitors' list membership, you can't also decide to set rules based on device within that same module. 

Is there a limit on how many rules I can have per smart module?

Yes. The limit for variations within a smart module is 20.  

Can I put a smart CTA into a smart rich text module?

While you can put a smart CTA into a rich text module, this is not recommended.

Can I use smart content on a thank you page?

Smart content should not be used on a thank you page. When a contact submits a form and is redirected to your thank you page, there isn't enough processing time for the system to understand that this contact just met your criteria on the previous page. 

Should I use smart content in a blog post?

Using smart content in a blog post is not best practice; each blog post you write should answer a question for one particular audience. Smart content in your blog could be misleading to RSS readers and could harm your SEO.  

How can I test my smart content to make sure it's set up how I want it?

After you set up your smart content in HubSpot, you can navigate to your page or email and preview the smart content as if you were one of your website visitors or email recipients. 

Can I use smart content on my external website?

You can use smart CTAs on any external website pages you have. You won't be able to use smart text or smart form modules on your external website pages.

For a smart CTA to work as expected:

How does HubSpot smart content know what referral source my visitor is coming from?

HubSpot uses what is called the referrer, which is information that is passed along when someone clicks on a link from another website to your website. The referrer is the original site that contained the link to your website.

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