How do I add a document attachment to a HubSpot email?

Last updated: April 9, 2018

You can add a document attachment to both marketing and sales emails in HubSpot.  

Marketing emails

In order to minimize the chance of being blocked by spam filters and to decrease the load time of your email, HubSpot does not allow you to directly attach a file to your marketing emails. Instead, you can upload the file, then link to it within your email. You can do this directly within the email editor by selecting the Insert Document Link icon.

Follow these steps to include an attached document in a marketing email:

  • In your HubSpot Marketing BasicProfessional, or Enterprise account, navigate to Content > Email.
  • Choose the email you would like to add the document to.
  • Select the text or image that you would like to link.
  • Click on the Insert Document Link icon.
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  • Select an existing file or click Upload a file.
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User-added image
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  • If you're uploading a new file, locate the document on your computer.
  • Once the file has uploaded, click Use document.
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Your linked text will now load the document for your email recipient. You can also use a CTA to link directly to the document as well.

Sales emails

You can directly attach files in your one-to-one sales emails. Please keep in mind that there's a filze size limit of 10 MB for files attached to sales emails. To attach a file: 

  • In your HubSpot account, navigate to your contacts. 
  • Click the name of the contact to whom you'd like to send the email. 
  • Click the Email tab at the top of the contact record. 
  • Compose your email and click the attachment icon. Select Upload to select a file from your computer or Choose from shared files to select a file from the file manager.

You can also attach a document to a sales email template using the documents tool. Learn more about how to use documents here.

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