What do the email terms in my basic export mean?

Last updated: October 3, 2016

Available For:

Product: HubSpot Marketing
Subscription: Basic, Professional, & Enterprise

When you export the data from your email send, you'll receive a CSV file with a number of columns telling you how each contact interacted with your email.

Here's a list of these terms and what they mean:

  • Sent: The message was sent to and received by our delivery provider, which has queued it for further handling.
  • Processed: The message has been received by our delivery provider, which has indicated it will attempt to deliver the message to the recipient's email server.
  • Deferred: The recipient’s email server has temporarily rejected message, and subsequent attempts will be made to deliver the message. This is also referred to as a soft bounce.
  • Delivered: The recipient's email server has accepted the message and the message has been successfully delivered to the recipient.
  • Open: The recipient opened the message.
  • Click: The recipient clicked on a link within the message.
  • Bounce: The recipient's email server could not or would not accept the message, and no further attempts will be made to deliver the message. This is also referred to as a hard bounce.
  • Dropped: The recipient previously hard bounced or unsubscribed, making them ineligible for this email send. 
  • SpamReport: The recipient flagged the message as spam.
  • Unsubscribed: The recipient unsubscribed to your email communications.
  • Unbounce: The recipient was either automatically or manually unbounced by HubSpot. (An unbounce resets the bounce status of the recipient, potentially allowing that recipient to receive emails from your account.)
  • StatusChange: The recipient changed their email subscriptions in some way.
  • MTA_Dropped: Our delivery provider decided to drop the message.
  • Forward: The recipient forwarded the message.
  • Print: The recipient printed the message.