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Last updated: January 13, 2017

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While you venture through the world of smart content in HubSpot, there may be some questions that come up along the way about how to get the best out of smart content. What should I be doing with smart content that I'm not? And maybe even the other way around. We hope to provide some answers here to address the specific questions that may have come up for you while implementing your smart content.

How do I know where I've placed my smart content in HubSpot?

You can see where you've set up your previous smart content from the icon indicator. On the template, you'll also see the icon and that module with smart content will be a darker grey color than your other modules.

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Is there a limit on how many rules I can have per smart module?

Yes. The limit for variations within a smart module (per smart rule) is 20. Anything above that shouldn't really be necessary to accomplish your goal and you may want to rethink how you're using your smart rule.

Can I have more than one rule per smart module?

No. When you make a module smart, you will only be able to choose one set of criteria for building this out. For example, if you choose to make a rich text module smart and then the criteria for your smart rules revolves around a visitor being a member of a list, you can't also decided to show different content based on device within that same module. One module = one critertia.

Can I put a smart CTA into a smart rich text module?

So, technically, yes, you can. But should you? No - it's not really a great idea. Stacking two pieces of smart content or rules on top of each other can be confusing to yourself and to your visitor. Focus on one goal for your smart content and avoid trying to use two different pieces of smart content in one place.

Can I use smart content on a thank you page?

Smart content should not be used on a thank you page. When a contact submits on a form and is redirected to your thank you page, there isn't enough processing time for the system to be able to understand that this contact just met your criteria (if you are basing your smart content around a contact meeting a specific criteria they just performed on the previous page).

Should I use smart content in a blog post?

Each blog post you write should be answering a question for one particular audience. Because of the nature of a blog post, it's not best practice to use smart content within your blog. Using smart content in your blog could be misleading to RSS readers and could harm your SEO. 

How can I test my smart content to make sure it's set up how I want it?

After you set up your smart content in HubSpot, you can navigate to your page and view the smart content on your page as if you were one of your website visitors. Read more about how to do that here.

Can I use smart content on my external website?

You can use smart CTAs on any external website pages you may have. You won't be able to use smart text, forms, or HTML modules on your external website pages.

In order for a Smart CTA to work as expected, you'll want to ensure you've done the following:

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