What are the different property field types available?

Last updated: February 5, 2018


When creating a custom contact, company, or deal property in HubSpot, it's important to keep in mind what type of information you want this property to collect and store. This will determine what you choose as the field type for this property.

Below is a list of all property field type options available when creating a custom property in HubSpot: 

  • Single checkbox - Single checkboxes only have two options: on or off. They are typically used if you are integrated with Salesforce and need a field that is either checked or unchecked. 
  • Multiple checkboxes - Checkboxes contain several specific options that are usually related. You might be used to seeing these fields with the help text Check all that apply.  
  • Date picker - Date picker fields are used to allow visitors to input a specific date in a standard format that can be segmented on.  
  • File - File upload fields are used on forms to allow visitors to upload files and provide you with a link through a form submission. The uploaded file's link is available from the individual's contact record. Please note that this property type is only for contact properties. 
  • Number - Number fields can contain any string of numerals or numbers written in decimal or scientific notation. Please note that you cannot use decimals in your criteria when segmenting lists or workflows by number properties. It is also not possible to create filters for number properties using negative numbers. 
  • Radio select (Select a single option) - Radio selects act the same way as dropdown selects, but appear differently in forms. They also contain several concrete options, and the visitor can select only one of the options. 
  • Dropdown select - Dropdown selects contain several specific options, and the visitor is limited to selecting only one of the options.
  • Single-line text - Single-line text properties can contain a string of any alphanumeric characters, such as a word, a phrase, or a sentence.
  • Multi-line text - Multi-line text properties can contain several strings of alphanumeric characters, such as a paragraph or list of items.
  • HubSpot user - This field type dynamically pulls from all the users in your account. You can select one user for each custom HubSpot user field type property you create.

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