Can I embed a form into a Smart Content module?

Last updated: April 4, 2018

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Yes, HubSpot supports embedding a HubSpot form within our smart content modules. Please note that this method requires adding the form embed code to the source code of the module.

To embed a HubSpot form into your smart content module:

  • Navigate to Content Website Pages or Content > Landing Pages.
  • Hover over the page where the form will be embedded and click Edit
  • Hover over the desired rich text module or HTML module and click the smart icon.

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  • Select the smart criteria for the first smart rule in that module, then click the source code icon < > in the menu.

  • Paste the form embed code into the module.

Please note: To prevent issues where the TinyMCE content editor trims form code scripts, it is necessary to wrap the embedded form code within a div tag.

  • Add <div> at the very beginning of the embed code, then add </div> at the very end of the embed code.
  • Click Save, then click Publish to take your changes live.

If you wish to simply make a form module become smart instead of embedding form code into another module, learn how to create a smart form

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