How to go live with HubSpot using DNS Made Easy

Last updated: December 7, 2016

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Follow these steps to go live on the HubSpot COS with a DNS Made Easy registered domain that has its nameserver set to DNS Made Easy. If you moved your nameserver to another host after registering the domain with DNS Made Easy, you'd instead need to make the changes on the other host.

If you'd like to set up your subdomain with DNS Made Easy, you can follow the instructions below to set up your CNAME record.

In HubSpot

  • Navigate to Content > Content Settings
  • Click Domain Manager in the left-sidebar menu.
Click on the Domain Manager link in the Content Optimization System Tools side menu.
2. Select Domain Manager
  • Click Connect Another HubSpot COS Domain.

3. Click Connect Another HubSpot COS Domain
  • Enter your new domain into the Domain to connect field. You will need to connect (or,, etc.) and not because HubSpot's COS is able to load pages and files at high-speed and protect your site against malicious attacks (like DDOS) attacks, but the technology that enables this will only work with what are known as CNAME records. Root domains, a domain without www or another subdomain, cannot connect with CNAME records.  If you're connecting your main subdomain (www), you can redirect your root domain to the www version so that visitors will always be able to get to your website. 
  • Choose which tools for which you'd like this domain to be primary. Click the Make primary for the following tool(s) radio button, then click the box next to the tool(s) you'd like to select.
  • Click Connect Domain.
  • Copy down the CNAME record provided, ex:


Update your CNAME record In DNS Made Easy

  • Log into DNS Made Easy.
  • From the Control Panel overview, locate and click on the Domains link in the Purchased Services and Usage section.
User-added image
User-added image
  • Click on the domain you are editing under the Managed Domains section.
User-added image
User-added image
  • Take a screenshot or copy the Original DNS records setup within the account for your records.
  • Locate and delete the @ record if it’s in the A Records section.
  • Add the www (or other subdomain) CNAME record by clicking on the plus sign under the CNAME Records section. To edit a current subdomain's CNAME record, place a check mark next to the record and click on the pencil icon.
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User-added image
  • Type www (or blog, info, etc.) into the Name field and add the HubSpot CNAME record into the Alias to field. Please note: be sure to add a period to the end of the CNAME record. 
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  • If you're moving your entire site to HubSpot and connecting the www subdomain, you'll need to redirect your root domain ( to your www subdomain ( To do this, click the plus sign in the HTTP Redirection Records section.
Locate the HTTP Redirection Records section and click on the plus sign.
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  • Leave the Name field blank. In the URL field, type in the full URL of the domain you'll be connecting in HubSpot (
  • Under Redirect Type, select Standard – 301.
  • Click Submit
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User-added image
  • Save your changes. 
  • Congratulations! You've now pointed your domain name properly from DNS Made Easy to HubSpot! Your changes will finish taking effect within 24 hours. You'll be able to verify that the domain is connected in HubSpot by going back to the Domain Manager tool in HubSpot. Once the domain has propagated, there will be a green circle next to the domain in the Domain Manager. 

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