How to set your File Manager's default hosting domain

Last updated: March 1, 2017

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Every file uploaded to your File Manager gets its own unique URL. But you may ask, how can you set the default domain these URLs employ? You can set the default domain for all your files in a couple quick steps.

Please follow the directions noted below to set your File Manager's default hosting domain.

  • From your HubSpot Marketing account, navigate to Content > Content Settings.
  • Scroll down to Default File Manager Hosting Domain > click on the dropdown and select the desired domain. Please note only domains connected to your HubSpot portal under your Domain Manager can be used.
User-added image
User-added image
  • When ready, click on Save changes.
Please note: Any change you make to your default hosting domain will not affect assets that have already been referenced on a page using a unique domain. If you want previous assets to be linked to the new default domain, you will need to manually change the link of those assets.


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