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How do I export recipient event data for a particular email?

Last updated: August 5, 2016

Available For:

Product: HubSpot Marketing
Subscription: Basic, Professional, & Enterprise
  • Navigate to Content > Email.
  • Choose Sent from the left sidebar menu, then click on the name of the sent email in question.
  • Go to the Recipients tab.
  • Click on any one of the recipient event tabs to see a list of recipients and their engagement with the email. If you select the Clicked tab, as shown in the example below, you can choose to further filter the data based on which link recipients clicked on. In the All links dropdown, select the link you'd like to filter for.
  • Click Export.
User-added image
  • Choose the Basic or Advanced export, then click Next step

  • Confirm the recipient event (and link, if choosing Clicked) you'd like to export and enter the email address at which you'd like to receive the export. 
  • Click Export list


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