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Can I add a file upload field to my forms?

Last updated: May 9, 2018

Available For:

Marketing: Free, Starter, Basic, Pro, Enterprise
Sales: N/A
Service: N/A

Yes. Allow your users to upload one or more files with their form submissions by including a file upload field on your form. 

Follow the directions below to add a file upload field to your form:

Please note: the file size and file type limits for file upload fields are the same as the limits for files uploaded to the file manager. 

  • Navigate to your forms:
    • In your HubSpot Marketing Hub Basic, Professional, or Enterprise account, navigate to Contacts > Forms.
    • In your HubSpot CRM or Marketing Hub Starter account, navigate to Lead Capture Forms.
  • Click on your form.
  • In the sidebar menu on the left, click Create new.
User-added image
  • In the dialog box, name the new field, and select File from the dropdown menu as the field type. You can click Advanced options to customize additional details, and then click Save.
  • Drag the new field from the left sidebar menu into place on your form.
  • If you would like to allow contacts to upload multiple files, hover over the file upload field and click Edit
  • Check the Allow multiple files box. multiple%20file%20upload%20pic
  • Click Save in the upper right-hand corner to ensure that all edits on the form are saved.

Please note: there are file size limits in place when uploading multiple files. One file cannot exceed 100MB, and all files uploaded can be no more than 500MB total in size.

When a visitor uploads a file and submits your form, the file is stored in a hidden folder in your file manager. A link to the file will appear on the contact's record in HubSpot. To view it, navigate to the contact's record and click View all properties. Search for your file property and click the external link icon externalLink to the right of the property value to view the file in a new tab. Any uploaded file links will also be included in the form's submissions data and in the form submission events on individual contacts' timelines. 

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