How do I add a 'subscribe to blog' checkbox to my form?

Last updated: December 13, 2016

The instructions below will show you how to create a checkbox field, which allows users to subscribe to your blog while filling out any form. Please note: this functionality is only available to Professional and Enterprise customers with the HubSpot COS blog.

Create a checkbox contact property.

  • Follow the steps in this article to create a custom contact property
  • Set the Field Type to Single On/Off Checkbox (checked = "yes, subscribe me to the blog")

Add the new blog subscription checkbox to any form where you want it to be available.

  • Navigate to Contacts > Forms
  • Edit your forms by clicking on the name of the form
  • Drag your blog subscription checkbox property onto the default questions section of the form

Use Lists and Workflows to add new subscribers to the default blog subscription.

  • Create a smart list of contacts who opted in using that checkbox
  • Create a workflow and set the list you created above as the starting condition
  • The first step of the workflow should set a contact property value (there is a default blog subscription property called "name of blog Email Subscription" - set the value to Instant or the desired frequency)
  • Activate the workflow

Check out this blog article for an in-depth walk-through of the process described above.

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