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Last updated: December 19, 2018

Prospects are visitors who visited your site but have not converted through a form. The prospects tool helps you gain insight into who your prospects are by detecting the IP addresses associated with each page view on your site.  The tool then provides you with your visitor's company name, number of visits, number of visitors and more.

Prospects are different from leads because prospects are not identified, while leads are added as contacts with details identifying them (e.g. name and email address).

Please note: the prospects tool uses the visitor's wireless IP addresses to track the visitors' information and tries to match that IP with the company to which it is registered. These IP addresses track the source and can only provide information that has been made publicly available. 

Install the tracking code

To view a list of companies that have visited your website and track these visits, add the HubSpot tracking code to your website:

Please note: the HubSpot tracking code is automatically installed on your HubSpot landing pages, website pages, and blog posts. You only need to install the tracking code manually if you are hosting your website content on another CMS.  

  • In your HubSpot account, navigate to Reports > Analytics Tools.
  • Click Prospects.
  • In the upper right, click the Actions dropdown menu, then select View tracking code.  
  • Add the code to your site

Manage your prospects

After the tracking code is installed, visits will start populating in the prospects tool. 

You may want to hide a prospect if it's a competitor that you don't want to track, or favorite a prospect if you want to return to their information at a later date.

  • To hide a prospect, select the checkbox next to the prospect, then click Hide. After you've hidden a prospect, the prospect will not appear in the daily email
  • To favorite a prospect, click the star icon favorite next to the prospect.  
  • If you want to add a prospect as a company record in your database, click the plus icon + to the right of the company name. Alternatively, you can select the checkbox beside multiple companies and click +Add to database to add them all at once.

You can also customize the data you see in the prospects tool. 

  • In the upper right, click the Actions dropdown menu, then select Edit columns
  • In the dialog box, select the checkbox next to the properties you want to include in your prospects tool. 
  • Click Savechoose-which-columns-in-prospects

View company data in the prospects tool 

Click the company name to see additional details about the company, such as industry, annual revenue, and location. 

  • Click View in LinkedIn to access the company's LinkedIn profile.
  • Under the company name, click Add a company to create a record for this company in your CRM database. 
  • In the Domain field, click the external link icon externalLink to go to the company's website.

Related companies

Scroll down to see the Related companies section. This will show you similar companies in the industry. Click a company name to access the company's website. 

Prospect notifications

With the prospects tool, you and your team members can receive email notifications related to website visit activity. There are two types of notifications:

  • Daily email: receive a daily summary of the companies in this view that visited your site.
  • Revisit notifications: get a notification when a company in this view visits your site.

To enable these notification emails:

  • In the upper right, click the Actions dropdown menu, then select Manage Notifications
  • In the dialog box, click to toggle the notification type successwitch on. prospects-manage-notifications
  • Click Save

If you're an Admin, you can make sure your team members receive prospect notifications. 

  • In the dialog box, click the Team notifications tab.
  • For each notification type, click the Subscribe team members dropdown menu and select your team members
  • Click Save
You can disable your prospect notifications in your Profile & Preferences. Your saved views will not appear here, as the setting here only applies to your All visits view. 

disable-prospect-notifications-from-profile-and-preferencesSearch and saved filters

On the prospects dashboard, use the search bar to search for prospects by keywords, such as state or country. If the term included in your search query is matched by a prospect, that prospect will show on the list. 

To filter your prospects:

  • In the left sidebar menu, click + Add filter
  • Search for and select a property, then select your filter criteria. 
  • Click Apply filter
  • Click Save

You can also filter by internet service provider (ISP). The prospects tool looks at a visitor's IP address to tell you which companies are visiting your website. Oftentimes, small companies and individuals browsing the web from home won’t have their own IP address. In those cases, the company that appears in prospects is just the internet service provider (like Comcast, Cox, Verizon, etc.). 

Using the internet service provider filter, you have the option to view (or not view) internet service providers in your prospects tool. By default, your prospects tool will automatically contain the filter Internet service provider | is equal to | false, so you won't have internet service providers in your prospects view. You can remove this by clicking the X on the filter. Or, click the filter and select True as the filter criteria, then select Update filter

Please note: visits from IP addresses that you exclude from analytics will still be tracked by prospects.


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