Data in HubSpot ads doesn't match external ad networks

Last updated: December 3, 2018


You may see different metrics, conversion, or lead data in HubSpot's ads tool compared to external ad networks due to two reasons:

Conversion across different ad networks

HubSpot: in the default Influenced first form submission attribution report, a contact is counted in HubSpot's ads tool when a new contact submits a form on a page with the HubSpot tracking code installed and can be attributed to your ad campaign. Marketing Hub Professional and Enterprise accounts have access to additional attribution reports.

Facebook Ads: Facebook allows users to define conversion eventsFor Facebook lead ads, conversions are sent to HubSpot when a visitor submits a lead ad form. Any leads that have been created from these ads in the last 90 days will be created as contacts in your HubSpot portal, but these existing leads will not be reflected in the New contacts metric for the Influenced first form submission attribution report due to the delay between the contact's lead ad form submission and their creation in HubSpot.

Google Ads: Google allows users to define conversion actions. These actions can be customized based on your business, and don't always mean that a visitor submitted a form. Google will also only include a conversion when reporting cross-device conversions if they have at least 95% confidence that the calculation is within 10% of the actual value.