Contacts added to HubSpot from an offline source

Last updated: February 18, 2019

Contacts who were first added to HubSpot via a list import, CRM integration (including Salesforce), or an API may have an original source of Offline Source.

A contact may be added from a number of offline sources:

  • API > contacts-upsert: the contact was created directly using HubSpot's Contacts API.
  • Form > [form ID]: the contact was created by a form submitted from a filtered IP address.
  • Salesforce: the contact was imported from Salesforce or created in Salesforce then automatically created in HubSpot.
  • Contacts: the contact was manually added to the contacts database by a user.
  • Analytics: the contact was created when a non-HubSpot form is used on an external page. This usually occurs when a custom event is triggered using the events tool (Enterprise only), or when the visitor fills in the non-HubSpot form on a Wordpress page with the HubSpot tracking code or the HubSpot Wordpress plugin installed.
  • Integration: the contact was created via a third-party software that you have integrated with HubSpot. Keep in mind that some integrations will appear under API key depending on what information is being passed to HubSpot.
  • Import: the contact was imported into HubSpot.
  • Sales: the contact was created via HubSpot Sales.
  • Presentations: the contact was created via the documents tool.
  • Conversations: the contact was created via the conversations tool.
  • Bots: the contact was created via the bots tool.

Looking at the Original Source Drill-Down 1 and Original Source Drill-Down 2 properties in a contact, you should be able to determine how they were created.

It is also possible for the original source to change if it was updated manually or if a contact visited your site before being added to HubSpot. If these contacts convert on a form or click through an email to a page with the HubSpot tracking code on it, HubSpot will try to match the contact with any previous visits based on cookies. If a match is made, HubSpot will update the Original Source property to reflect the source of the contact's earliest visit to your site. Learn more about why a contact's original source changed

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