What do the properties Original source drill-down 1 and 2 mean?

Last updated: April 20, 2018

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Marketing Hub Basic, Professional, Enterprise

Original source drill-down 1 and Original source drill-down 2 are two analytics properties included on every HubSpot contact record.

  • These properties store further information on the source of the contact's first visit. Their values vary depending on the Original source type property. 

Please note: the value you see in HubSpot for Original source drill-down 2 is not the value you'd use when filtering on the property in lists or saved filters. Instead, use the internal value for filtering.

  • Listed below are the definitions for these two properties for each source:
Original Source Type Original Source Drill-Down 1 Original Source Drill-Down 2
Organic Search Search term (if available) Search Engine site
Referrals Referring website domain Referring website URL
Social Media Social Media site Campaign Name
Email Marketing Campaign Name HubSpot Email Name
Paid Search Campaign Name Search term (if available)
Paid Social Social Media site Campaign Name
Direct Traffic Entrance URL N/A
Other Campaigns Campaign Name

Source / Medium

Offline Sources

Offline channel/tool/platform
(examples: IMPORT, SALES,


Specific offline medium
(examples: BCC_TO_CRM, CRM_UI, salesforce-createdby)

Please note: older HubSpot accounts may contain the terms Original Source Data 1 and Original Source Data 2. The property labels may be different, but these properties contain the same information.

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