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Smart content | Frequently Asked Questions

Last updated: October 13, 2020

Applies to:

Marketing Hub  Professional, Enterprise
CMS Hub  Professional, Enterprise
Find answers to common questions about smart content. You can add smart content to marketing emails, landing pages, and website pages. 


Which modules support smart content?

The module types that support smart content depend on which content tool you're using:

How do I know where I've placed my smart content in HubSpot?

  • Within the page editor and classic email editor, modules with smart content will have a replace smart content icon next to them. You'll see the same smart content icon on modules in layout templates in the design manager tool. 
  • Within the drag and drop email editor, smart modules are labeled with a tag in the upper right that states: This is a smart module.

Can I use more than one criteria type per smart module?

No. When you make a module smart, you can only choose one type of criteria. You can add multiple smart rules for the same type of smart criteria.

For example, if you add smart rules based on list memberships, you can't apply smart rules based on another type of criteria, such as device type.

Is there a limit on how many rules I can have per smart module?

Yes. The limit for smart rule variations within a smart module is 20. 

Can I insert a smart CTA into a smart rich text module? (Marketing Hub Professional or Enterprise only)

Although you can insert a smart CTA into a smart rich text module, it's not recommended due to the added complexity.

Can I use smart content on a thank you page?

Smart content should not be used on a thank you page. When a visitor submits a form and is redirected to your thank you page, there isn't enough time for HubSpot to determine if the contact meets the smart content rules on the thank you page.

Can I use smart content in a blog post?

Using smart content in a blog post is not best practice, as each blog post should answer one specific question for one particular audience. Smart content in your blog may be misleading to RSS readers and may harm your SEO.  

How do I test my smart content?

After you set up your smart content in HubSpot, you can navigate to your page or email editor and preview the smart content as one of your website visitors or email recipients.

Can I use smart content on my external page?

You can use smart CTAs on any external page. Smart rich text or smart form modules can only be used on HubSpot pages.

For a smart CTA to work as expected:

  • Your external page must have your HubSpot tracking code installed.
  • The CTA embed code must not be stripped by the external page.
  • If you're using multiple external subdomains, they must be tracked in your additional site domains and the Automatic cross-domain linking switch must be toggled on. This allows HubSpot to identify the same visitor across subdomains.

Additionally, if a visitor has cookies blocked by their web browser, or by their network security policies, HubSpot has no way to attribute their session to their contact record. In this case the CTA variation will not show. 


How does smart content know the referral source of a visitor?

HubSpot uses referrer information that is passed along when a visitor clicks a link from another website to your website to determine their referral source.