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Last updated: December 7, 2017

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The prospects tool allows you to see who is visiting your site. You can use the tool to help identify where on your site there are conversion opportunities as well as other businesses that may be interested in your products or services. 

Access your prospects tool

In your HubSpot Sales account, navigate to Sales Tools > Prospects to view a list of companies that have visited your website. 

In order to start tracking these visits, you will need to add a JavaScript tracking code to your company website. This tracking code can be found by clicking Customize in the top right-hand corner of the prospects page and selecting View tracking code

After the tracking code is installed, visits will start populating in the prospects tool. The stream is divided up by company. Each company that's listed will contain additional company information, a visitor breakdown, and a listing of the pages viewed by these visitors.

Company details

Click on the company name to see additional details about the company, such as industry, annual revenue, and location. Click View in LinkedIn to access the company's LinkedIn profile or click the icon to the right of the Domain property to go to the company's website.

Click Add a company next to the company name to create a record for this company in your CRM database. The company will then be available from the companies dashboard.

Related companies

Scroll down to see the Related companies section. This will show you similar companies in the industry. Click on a company name to access the company's website. 

Recent activity

When you preview a company in prospects, the Recent Activity section gives you a feed of visitor activity from that company. You'll be able to see exactly which pages were visited and when. Whenever possible, HubSpot will also display exactly who the visitor was; otherwise, Anonymous Visitor will be displayed.

Prospect notifications

The prospects tool allows you and your team members to receive email notifications related to website visit activity. There are two types of notifications:

  • Daily Email: Receive a daily summary of the companies in this view that visited your site.
  • Revisit notifications: Get a notification when a company in this view visits your site.

These can be enabled within the left sidebar of prospects by clicking Manage notifications, which opens a modal box. Click the toggle switch next to the notification types you would like to enable. Team admins can also add their team members by selecting Team notifications.

Saved filters

To refine the list of companies displayed, click + Add filter in the left sidebar menu to add criteria to filter your data by. It's helpful to use filters based on territory, funding, annual revenue, or other properties so you only see companies that you want to target.  

You can also filter by internet service provider (ISP). The prospects tool looks at a visitor's IP address to tell you which companies are visiting your website. Oftentimes, small companies and individuals browsing the web from home won’t have their own IP address. In those cases, the company that appears in prospects is just the internet service provider (like Comcast, Cox, Verizon, etc.).

Using the internet service provider filter, you have the option to view (or not view) internet service providers in your prospects tool. By default, your prospects tool will automatically contain the filter Internet service provider | is equal to | false, so you won't have internet service providers in your prospects view. You can remove this by clicking the X on the filter or by clicking on the filter and selecting True, and then selecting Update filter.

For more information about prospects saved filters, check out this article.

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