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Last updated: June 14, 2016

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Product: HubSpot Marketing
Subscription: Basic, Professional, & Enterprise
Reports Home allows you to create and manage custom reports created in HubSpot. This article will provide an overview of the Reports Home dashboard, and later you will learn how to create a variety of reports on your HubSpot contacts.

Navigate to Reports Home

In your navigation, select Reports then select Reports Home.

Reports Home overview

When you navigate to Reports > Reports Home, you're brought to the location where all your reports are saved. Here you'll find:

  1. An overview of your sources trends
  2. Filter by types of reports (Enterprise accounts only)
  3. Filter by a particular time frame (based on report's create date)
  4. Filter by the user who created any report
  5. View of all your existing Reports (based on the above filters)
  6. A place to create a new report from scratch.


Here you'll also find links to other reports and applications that correlate with Reports. For example, Tracking URL Builder works directly with Sources & Reports so you can use custom shortlinks to promote your content through different channels and source them under particular sources and specific campaigns. This will be covered more in depth in "How to create and implement tracking URLs."

Creating a new report

Reports Home allows you to create custom reports. Please note that certain report types are only available to Professional and Enterprise accounts.

From Reports Home, you can click the gear on any report and elect to edit the report, email the report to yourself or others, make it your default report, or delete the report.

Email Report

When you elect to email the report, you're presented with some options to insert the email address the report should send to, the subject of the emailed report, a brief message in the email body, and elect a frequency.

You can choose the frequency of daily, weekly, monthly, or just this once. Once selected, click Create Email Schedule and your report will be emailed based on your selected frequency. Note that if you select 'daily,' the email will be sent at approximately 6am local time.

Reporting Add-on

There's a Reporting Add-on that you can purchase separately and allows you to combine sales and marketing reports in one place. You can make multiple dashboards for different users or teams to suit their reporting needs. The reports are quickly editable, as well, so you can change the criteria of a report and see its data immediately.

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