Report on revenue

Last updated: November 20, 2019

You can report on revenue in HubSpot by adding the following standard reports to your dashboard. Sales Hub Professional or Enterprise users, or Reporting add-on users can customize these reports or create a custom report.

  • Companies Revenue by First Conversion: the total company revenue from the specified time range, broken down by the the first conversion.    
  • Companies revenue by source: total company revenue from the specific time range, broken down by source.   
  • Deal Closed vs Goal: revenue from closed deals compared to your team's quota or a custom goal. This report is especially useful for evaluating your team's progress and setting attainable sales goals.
  • Deal Forecast: the amount of deal revenue for deals in each stage of your pipeline. All deals will appear so long as they have an amount associated with them and their close date falls within the time frame specified on the dashboard.
  • Deal Forecast by Owner: the amount of deal revenue forecasted to close for each deal owner. The forecasted revenue is calculated by multiplying the deal amount by the deal stage probability. 
  • Deal Leaderboard: your sales team members ranked by the amount of closed deal revenue they've brought in.
  • Deal Revenue Leaderboard: deal owners ranked by their total forecasted deal amounts, breaking the deals down by pipeline stage. This report is especially useful for tracking the performance of your team members based upon projected revenue.
  • Deal Revenue per Stage by Deal Type: the total forecasted amounts for deals in each stage, broken down by deal type. The total forecasted amounts are calculated by multiplying the deal amount by the deal stage probability. 
  • New Deals Created: deal owners ranked by the number of new deals created, the total forecasted amount of open deals, and the closed amount in the selected time frame. 
  • Recent Deal Amount by Source: the recent deal amount associated with each contact source. Only deals with associated contacts will be included in this report.