How do I set up compliance copy email?

Last updated: October 27, 2015

Compliance Copy is the ability to automatically BCC all outgoing messages to a designated email address. These emails are typically reviewed later for compliance reasons.

Some organizations are required to evaluate all outgoing email messages for compliance to standards set by the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). A simple way to do this is to automatically BCC all outgoing messages to a designated email address where these messages can be reviewed for compliance later. Customers who have to follow these standards will now be able to easily do this using HubSpot.

Note: Please use this feature with care. Enabling it will result in copies of every single email sent from the portal getting copied to the designated email address, which might cause problems if you have load limits for your email service, or if the person who owns this inbox doesn't need or want to receive these emails.

These compliance emails will count toward your portal email send limit. For example If you send 100,000 emails with this feature enabled, you will use up 200,000 email sends in your portal. Also, please be aware that any clicks, from the person(s) who receives these emails, on links and/or call-to-action buttons the email contains, will count towards the overall email's statistics. The purpose of the compliance email is to provide such person with a copy for content evaluation, therefore we recommend this person not to actually click on any links and/or buttons.

To enable Compliance Copy Email:

  • Go to Content > Content Settings > Email > Compliance Copy Email
  • Check Enabled, and enter the email address that you want to send every email to. Note that every single email you send (including every single personalized email) will be sent to this email address. Click Save changes.
  • You will then receive a confirmation email to confirm your settings.

  • After confirming this change, you will receive one more email to announce the official change.