How do I use the Projects tool to manage my internal team?

Last updated: November 28, 2017

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As a manager or team leader, you can leverage the following features of the projects tool to keep your team on track and in communication with one another.

Assigning tasks

Within your projects, you can create tasks and subtasks to delegate work among your team. When creating or editing a task, you have the option to select one or multiple Assignees. In doing so, this task will appear when the assigned user navigates to All Tasks on the Projects dashboard and filters by Assigned to: [their email address]. When a task is assigned to a user, that user will also receive an in-app and email notification alerting them that they have been assigned a task. 

In your project, select a task. From within the Assignee dropdown, select the user to assign the task to them.

You also have the option to set a Due date for each task. With a set due date, HubSpot will send automatic reminder notifications to the assigned user(s) when a task is overdue. Team members can also filter tasks in the All tasks section of the Projects dashboard by Due date to get an understanding of what tasks are due when and help prioritize what they should be working on.

@-mentions in tasks

Use @-mentions in the description and discussion sections of a task to collaborate and communicate directly within the task in the HubSpot Projects tool. Use this feature to ask another user for feedback or notify someone of an important update. @-mentioning someone will allow you to send a notification to any user, not just the assignee.

To @-mention someone, select a task in your project. Click into the Description or Discussion section of the task, type the @ key and begin typing their name. You will then see a list of your users appear and you can select who should be mentioned.

Attachments in tasks

Using the Attach button in the task editor, you can search for HubSpot blog posts, landing pages, website pages, or emails that are relevant to your task and link to them easily. In doing so, your users can access the content editor for those assets directly from the task with full confidence that is the correct draft to work on.

You also have the option to upload and attach files to your tasks, allowing you to share internal collateral that is relevant to your projects within HubSpot. By attaching files, you can supply the assignee with any mock-ups, images, approved copy, press releases, and more related to the task at hand.

To attach content to a task, select a task in your project. Click Attach to either use the search field to select the HubSpot asset or select Or attach a file to upload a file from your computer.

Once the piece of content has been attached, hover over its name to view Actions like View and Remove for HubSpot assets or Download and Remove for attached files.

Managing completed projects

Once your team has completed all of the tasks in a project, you may want to Archive it to keep your All Projects dashboard up to date and help your team focus.

In the projects tool, click the All Projects tab. Click the project in the left sidebar, then click Show project details at the upper right. Click Project actions Archive project at the bottom left. The project will then appear in the left sidebar in All Projects under Archived projects

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