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How to use the HubSpot projects tool

Last updated: May 9, 2017

Available For:

Marketing: Basic, Pro, Enterprise
Sales: N/A

Projects is a tool within HubSpot that can help you to plan and organize all of your team's work in one place via structured lists of tasks. As your team grows so do all the little things it takes for your projects to get done: planning campaigns, assigning tasks, ensuring deliverables are on time and so on. HubSpot projects is a way of making planning and organization just happen. 

Navigate to projects

The HubSpot Projects tool lives in the HubSpot Marketing product, under the Productivity menu.

All tasks

Within the All Tasks tab, you will see every task that lives within your projects, including information on what project they belong to. You can use the filters at the top of this area to look at tasks just assigned to you, if you have any tasks that are incomplete, and when they're due.

All projects

Within the All Projects tab, you will find a quick agenda of tasks and all projects that you are working on and that you may have added from Project Templates that have been shared with you.

Use to the left-hand side menu to Create project, navigate between existing projects, or create a new project from an existing template.

From within any project, you can click on a task to view any assignee, due date, description, discussion, or attachments associated with it. Use the Assignee dropdown to assign a task to yourself or another user. While editing the description of a task or commenting in the discussion section, you can @-mention another user and send them a notification. And, of course, click the checkbox next to a task to mark it as complete.

To edit the order of your tasks in your project, click and drag a task into position.


Project templates

There are three types of project templates: personal templates to the portal only, tempates that can be shared across portals you have access to, and templates that are global and available for everyone who has HubSpot projects.

To begin using an existing project template, navigate to the Project Templates tab and click View Template > Copy to My Projects.

How to create a new template

To create a new project template from an existing project, navigate to the project you want to create a template from > click Show project details > Project actions then choose Create template from this project.

To create a new project template from a brand new project, go into the Project Templates tab and choose Create project template.

How to share your project template with others

To share your project template, first go to your project, click Show project details > Project actionsCreate template from this project

Now that your project is a template, you can share this template by clicking Show project details > Project actions Share with another Hub ID.

Enter the Hub ID and email address > click Share Template. That person will get an email to accept the template and it will appear in their portal. You will also receive an update email, stating that the invitation was successful.

What notifications does projects send?

You will receive email and in-app notifications when someone does the following:

  • @-mentions you in a task
  • leaves a comment in the discussion section of a task you created or were assigned
  • assigns you a task

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