How do I remove a user from my account?

Last updated: May 17, 2018

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If you have Add and edit users permissions, you can remove users from your HubSpot account. Before removing a user, please review the information below about created content and owned records.

Please note: if you are trying to downgrade a Sales Pro user on your team, follow the instructions here

  • In your HubSpot account, click the settings icon settings in the main navigation bar.
  • In the left sidebar menu, navigate to Users & Teams.

  • Check the box to the left of the user you'd like to remove and then select Delete.

  • Confirm your changes by clicking Yes, remove userOnce removed, they will no longer have access to log into your HubSpot account.

Will removing a user impact content they created? 

When a user is deleted, all content (blog posts, pages, lists, workflows, reports, forms, etc.) they created will remain in your account. 

Any social messages published by the deleted user will remain published; however, please note that if the deleted user was the administrator for any social media accounts, you may need to reconnect those accounts. Verify any changed permissions within your social media settings (MarketingSocial Settings). 

Any sequences, templates, and documents created in your account will remain; however, please note that the deleted user must have shared their sales templates in order for other users to access them.

Will removing a user impact their owned contacts, companies, and deals?

If you remove a user from your account, Deactivated User ([deleted user's email address]) will appear as the value for the ownership property for the contacts, companies, and deals owned by that user. If your HubSpot account is synced with Salesforce and the user who is removed from HubSpot is still a Salesforce user, the user's name will be displayed as Name (Salesforce), as it does for SFDC users who never had HubSpot access. 

You should reassign the user's contacts, companies, and deals to existing owners for these properties before removing the user. The steps below outline how to reassign a new user for the Contact owner property. You can use the same process for any custom HubSpot user field type properties you may have.

Please note: you'll continue to see Deactivated User ([deleted user's email address])  in your list of contact, company, or deal owners when segmenting lists, building workflow criteria, and in any other areas of the tool where the user owned any records as long as the deactivated user owns at least one contact, company, or deal in the account. Once the deactivated user's previously owned contacts, companies, or deals have been reassigned, they'll no longer appear as Deactivated User ([deleted user's email address]) in those tools.

Reassigning a user's leads

  • First, create a filter in the CRM to find all of the contacts owned by the user you plan to delete. Navigate to your contacts.
  • Towards the left of the screen, click Add filter. Filter contacts by Contact owner | is any of | select the user from the dropdown.
  • Select all of the contacts in the filter by clicking the check box in the top-left or select specific contacts by selecting the check box next to their records. Click Edit at the top of the view. 

  • In the popup box, select a property to edit. From the dropdown, select Contact owner and then select the new owner to assign the contacts to.  


  • Click Update, and those contacts will now be owned by the new user you selected.

Reassigning a user's companies

  • Begin by navigating to Contacts Companies to create a filter of the companies owned by the user you plan to delete. 
  • Towards the left of the screen, click Add filter and filter companies by Company owner | is any of | select the user from the dropdown.
  • Select all of the companies in the filter by clicking the check box in the upper left-hand corner, or select companies individually by selecting the check box in each row, and click Edit.
  • Choose Company owner as the property to edit, and then select the new owner to assign the companies to. Click Update

Reassigning a user's deals

Similarly to reassigning a user's contacts and companies, you will start by creating a filter of the deals owned by the user you plan to delete.
  • Navigate to Sales Deals in your HubSpot account and switch to the Table view.

  • Towards the left of the screen, click Add Filter. Filter deals by Deal owner | is any of | select the user from the dropdown menu
  • Select all of the deals in the filter by using the check box in the top-left corner of the filter or select the deals individually by using the check boxes in each row. Click Edit.
  • On the next screen, select Deal owner as the property to edit, and then choose the new HubSpot Owner. Click Update

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