How to configure your blog's social sharing icons

Last updated: November 17, 2017

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The blog social sharing icons are an easy way to promote your blog through social media. Use the blog social sharing icons to display default social media share buttons on your blog. The sharing icons allow you to become visible to an increasing amount of people, and they make it easier for your readers to share content that they find interesting with their networks. You can display as many as you want with a simple click of the mouse.

1. Navigate to Content Settings

Navigate to Content > Content Settings.

2. Go to Blog Settings

Click on the Blog link in the Content Optimization System Options side menu.

3. Choose the blog whose settings you want to update

Choose the blog whose settings you want to modify. If you only have one blog, you'll only see one option in the drop-down menu.

Choose how you want to share your blog via social media

Check off the social media channels that you want to display on your blog. You can choose to share using Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Google+. Once you are done, click the Save Changes button. You can turn a button off at any time by simply checking the box again.

View the social sharing icons in your blog

This is how the social sharing icons will appear in your blog.

Change Social Sharing Language

To change the language for blog social sharing icons go to Content > Content Settings > Blog. Here the language can be changed under the Date Formats section for the given blog. 

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