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Last updated: October 24, 2017

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To choose the template layouts for blog articles and listing pages, you can use the blog template options. If you need to customize your blog template, you can create or modify your template in your design manager. Once you're ready to apply your template or templates to your blog, you will need to apply those templates in content settings.


Follow the instructions below to apply templates to your blog.

Navigate to Content Settings

In your HubSpot Marketing Basic, Professional, or Enterprise account, navigate to Content > Content Settings.

Navigate to Content Settings

Navigate to your blog settings

In the left sidebar under Content Optimization System Options, click Blog.
Content Settings Blog

If you have multiple blogs, select the blog you wish to edit the template for from the Select a blog to modify dropdown menu at the top of the Blog settings.

Then, scroll down to the Templates section, or click Templates to be anchored to the blog template settings.

Blog templates nav

Customize blog template settings

To customize your blog's template settings, select the template(s) that apply to your blog content. Then specify the number of posts per listing page and attach stylesheets.

Blog template settings

Choose template(s)

You can either use a single template for both the post and listing layout or use a distinct template for each layout. Select the blog template of your choice from the dropdown menu. 

Unchecking Use same template for blog listing pages adds a second dropdown menu to select a distinct template for listing pages.

Please note: if you were migrated to HubSpot, your default blog should already be configured with your company's custom template.

Blog template selection

Number of posts per listing

Set the number of posts that you would like to display on each page of your listing views. The default setting is 10 posts per listing page.

Number of posts

Attach stylesheets

You can also attach stylesheets to a particular blog. This stylesheet will be loaded in addition to your other global stylesheets.

Rather than using this feature, it is recommended to attach stylesheets directly to your template.

Blog stylesheets

Click Save changes to apply any template setting updates.

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