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Set up default payment link settings

Last updated: May 3, 2023

Available with any of the following subscriptions, except where noted:

Marketing Hub   Starter , Professional , Enterprise
Sales Hub   Starter , Professional , Enterprise
Service Hub   Starter , Professional , Enterprise
Operations Hub   Starter , Professional , Enterprise
Content Hub   Starter , Professional , Enterprise

When creating a payment link, you can configure settings such as whether to automatically create deals, checkout page text, discount code settings, and more. In your account settings, you can also configure all of these options as default settings so that you don't have to set them manually every time you create a new payment link. You can then manually override any default settings within each payment link if needed.

To set up your default payment link settings:

  • In your HubSpot account, click the settings settings icon in the top navigation bar.
  • In the left sidebar, navigate to ObjectsPayment Links.

On the Setup tab, you can configure the follow default payment link settings:

  • Deals: by default, purchases made with the link will not create a new deal in HubSpot. To create a new deal for each purchase, click to toggle the Create a new deal for each payment switch on. Then, select a Deal pipeline and Deal stage for the new deal using the dropdown menus.

Please note:

If a buyer makes several purchases using the same payment link:

  • If this toggle is turned off, HubSpot will associate each payment with the existing deal.
  • If this toggle is turned on, HubSpot will create a new deal for each payment. However, if there’s an existing open deal (not in a Closed won stage) that is associated with the payment link, a new deal will not be created for each payment. Instead, payments will be associated with the open deal.



  • Text box: in the text box, include any next steps or additional context that will appear below the total on the checkout page. Use the rich text options to edit the font and font size, and the icons in the rich text editor to format the text, insert a link, image, emoji, or snippet.


  • Discount codes: to allow buyers to use discount codes for payment links by default, click to toggle the switch on.


  • Contact info: to add form fields to collect additional information from buyers when they make a purchase, click + Contact property.
    • Click the Add contact property dropdown menu, then search for and select a property.
    • Please note: only contact properties in the Contact information property group can be added as fields.
    • To edit the form field's label and help text, click the edit pencil icon next to the field, update the label and help text details, then click Save.
    • To make the field required, next to the field select the Required checkbox.
    • To reorder the form fields, next to the property name, click to drag and drop it to a different position.
  • Billing & shipping information: click the checkout settings link to set up default allowed payment methods and address preferences.


  • Confirmation page: select the default behavior for the payment confirmation page after a buyer makes a purchase. You can redirect the buyer to the default successful payment page or redirect them to a custom branded page.


  • After making your changes, click Save. After saving, all newly created payment links will use the selected default settings. These settings can be overridden on individual links during creation, or updated afterwards by editing the link.
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