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Understand HubSpot Ads contact attribution and ad network conversions

Last updated: October 13, 2020

Applies to:

All products and plans
You may notice that the way HubSpot attributes contacts to your Google, Facebook, and LinkedIn ads differs from the way the ad networks define conversions in your ad account. Learn more the distinctions between HubSpot contact attribution and ad network conversions.

HubSpot contacts

When a visitor submits a HubSpot form on one of your website pages, HubSpot will attribute the contact to your ad, as long as you've installed the HubSpot tracking code on your website and you've selected the appropriate attribution report on the Ads dashboard.


Network conversions

Each ad network allows you to define how to measure a conversion on your ad. These network-defined conversions will sync to HubSpot under the Network conversions field when you review metrics on your Ads dashboard.


Contacts from Facebook and LinkedIn lead ads

Both Facebook and LinkedIn allow you to create lead generation ads, which provides users a way to fill out a form directly on your ad. Any users who submit the form on your lead ad will become conversions in your ad account. If you've set up lead syncing for your Facebook page or LinkedIn ad account, these conversions will sync directly to HubSpot as contacts attributed to that ad.

If you don't see conversions from your ad account sync to HubSpot, please consult the troubleshooting guides for Facebook or LinkedIn.