Can I preview my email across different clients?

Last updated: July 19, 2016

HubSpot’s built-in email testing shows you how your email will look across a variety of different inboxes and devices.

  • Navigate to Content > Email and select to edit the email you would like to preview.
  • Test in other inboxes by clicking on the check mark from the left-hand sidebar.
Preview in other inboxes
Preview in other inboxes
  • Select the email clients you would like to preview your email in. Additionally, select a test contact to preview any personalization tokens by clicking Add Test Contact.
  • Click Test my email now.

This button will generate a preview image of your email in the selected email clients. Depending on the number of clients you are testing, the test can take a few minutes to run. You can always come back to the test results later, by returning to this email and clicking Preview in other inboxes.

User-added image
To see the results of your test click the View Results tab.
  • Click on any of the preview images to see an expanded preview of your email on a particular client.
Preview in other inboxes full
Preview in other inboxes full

The expanded view allows you to cycle through the various email clients that you generated test previews of your email. If you make changes to your email, you will need to run a new test to regenerate new previews.