How to use the email dashboard

Last updated: September 5, 2017

Applies to:

Marketing Hub: Basic, Pro, Enterprise

The email dashboard gives you the ability to manage and analyze your emails sent in HubSpot. In the Manage tab, you can find your emails based on their sent status, campaign, and type to easily create and edit your email content. In the Analyze tab, you can visualize your email performance for a specific date range and compare specific email sends.

To get to your email dashboard, navigate in your HubSpot Marketing account to Content > EmailYou can switch between the Manage and Analyze tabs at the top of the dashboard.


In the Manage tab, you will find:

  • Search feature for all emails.
  • Listing pages separating your sent, scheduled, archived, and drafted emails where you can also filter by Campaign or Type.
  • Folders to organize your emails.
  • A Create email button to create new emails.



In the Analyze tab, you will find:

  • Filters to view data by Email typeCampaign, and Time range.
  • An Overview of key email metrics for SentDelivery rateOpen rateClick rate, and Contacts lost - each of which can be clicked on to dive deeper into your metrics.
  • Visualization of your click and open rate for emails in your specified time range.
  • A list of the emails for the filters selected. 

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