What is the best way to use the Prospects tool?

Last updated: January 12, 2017

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The Prospects tool helps you gain insight into who is visiting your site. You can use the tool to help identify where on your site there are conversion opportunities as well as other businesses that may be interested in your product or services. The tool detects the IP addresses associated with each page view on your site and then provides you with your visitor's company name, location, number of visits, pages viewed, and more.

Please note that the Prospects tool uses the visitor's wireless IP addresses to track the visiting information, and tries to match that IP with the company to which it is registered. These IP addresses do a good job indicating the source of the visit but can only provide the information regarding the IP address that is made publicly available. Below are the ways HubSpot recommends using the Prospects tool.

Find companies ready for a sales call

If you notice that a lot of visitors from a company in your target market are visiting your site, they may be interested enough in your offerings for you to call them and start the sales process. The Number of Views, Number of Visitors, and Last Seen properties will provide a good perspective. 

Click on the company name to see more details. After clicking on the name of the company, more information about the company will appear on the right hand-side of your screen via the Prospects Sidebar. 

  • At the top of the panel you'll find basic information about the company, such as Domain and Industry. Scroll down to see a list of related companies, as well as the company's recent activity on your site. See which pages and content the prospect is reviewing on your site. This information provides great perspective as to areas on your site where there is potential to further qualify your prospects.

Identify prospects by sales region

You can search for prospects by keywords, such as state or country. If the term included in your search query is matched by a prospect, that prospect will display on the list. If you have sales teams assigned to certain regions you can easily see how well they are doing. You can also train regional sales reps to pull these reports themselves so they can identify prospects in their region showing interest in your site, reach out to them and close deals. 

To search, click on the search box near the top and enter a city or state. The results will show up right in the table. Please note that this is a keyword search as opposed to a strict state/country filter.

You can also use the Add filter option, located towards the left hand-side of the tool to filter by City and/or State.

See if an existing lead is engaged

You can use the Prospects tool to see whether anyone from a company you are pursuing is actually visiting your site. Maybe a certain prospect hasn't returned your call or replied to your email yet, but if that prospect is on your site, it’s worth continuing your effort because they’re actually engaged.

If you see that a company comes to your site and checks out certain pages after you’ve delivered an RFP or had a sales meeting, you’ll have a clearer picture of how engaged they are and what they’re interested in. This information allows you to be extremely informed as talks with the prospect continue. Click on the company name to view the Prospects Sidebar. Scroll down to the Recent Activity section to see information about the company's recent activity on your site.

Favorite or Hide a prospect

 You have the option to favorite or hide prospects. You may want to hide a prospect if it is a competitor that you don't care to track. You may want to favorite a prospect if you want to return to their information at a later date.

To hide a prospect, select the checkbox next to prospect, and click on Hide.

To favorite a prospect, select the Star button next to the prospect.  

See what your competitors are looking at

Competitors are likely to come to your website but are very unlikely to fill out any forms, since that would alert you to their presence on your site. You can use the Prospects tool to keep an eye out for competing companies, then drill down and see which pages your competitors are visiting on your site. Knowing what it is about your offerings that competitors find interesting can be valuable information.

Upsell existing customers

If you see an existing customer listed in the Prospects tool, drill down and see what pages visitors from that company are checking out. It could be that they’re interested in subjects, products, or services of which you were unaware. Armed with that knowledge, you can do much more effective relationship management, and even upsell.

Daily Prospects Report email notification

You can enable a daily email notification that displays a list of the prospects that have viewed your site. To enable the Daily Pospects Notification:

  • Within Prospects, select Manage Notifications in the left sidebar

  • Next, a box will appear with options for subscribingl yourself or your team to receive Revisit Notification based on one of your saved Views, or to enable a Daily Prospect Email. Check off whichever you prefer, or both.

 You can also customize your Daily Prospects Report email. For more details, please click here