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Set a priority for chatflows

Last updated: January 29, 2024

Available with any of the following subscriptions, except where noted:

All products and plans
You can create multiple chatflows to display on different pages on your website. If two chatflows target the same page URL, or a contact meets the criteria for the segmented lists used in the chatflows' targeting rules, you can decide which chatflow should have the top priority and display instead of the other . For example, you have two chatflows:
  • Chatflow A is a generic chatflow to greet visitors and appears when the website URL contains
  • Chatflow B is tailored to visitors who are ready to buy and appears when the website URL is
With these rules, Chatflow A will always appear, even on If you want Chatflow B to appear on the pricing page regardless of Chatflow A's targeting rule, move Chatflow B to the top priority. Chatflow B's targeting rule will then take priority and will display when a visitor is on Chatflow A will display on all other pages that contain

Please note: the chatflow priority doesn't check team availability when deciding which chatflow to display. Learn how to create a bot using the Offline bot template that can take over for your team outside of business hours.

  • You'll see each chatflow's priority listed in the left column. To reorder the chatflows, click and drag a chatflow to another location in the list.
  • To move a chatflow to the top or bottom priority, hover over the chatflow and click the More dropdown menu and select Move to top priority or Move to bottom priority. chatflows-prioritization
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