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Last updated: juillet 5, 2018

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For many marketers, email exists in a silo, disconnected from other lead generation tools and other marketing analytics. In HubSpot, these tools are integrated and work hand-in-hand. HubSpot's email tool lets you send emails to your entire contact database or a defined list of contacts, such as a list of contacts who filled out a specific form on your site. Email marketing helps you bring contacts back to your site and understand who is more engaged. You can use your email tool to:

  • qualify your contacts by seeing who opens and clicks on links in your emails.
  • notify your contacts of events, offers, or promotions that might interest them.
  • send your contacts a weekly or monthly newsletter.
  • let your contacts know about new features to create upsell opportunities.

Before you begin creating your email, you'll want to make sure you've set up a template you're happy with and that's going to maximize your content. Once you've done that, follow the instructions below to set up your email.

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