What does it mean to go live with HubSpot?

Last updated: December 8, 2016

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When you sign up with HubSpot, you have the option to host your entire website or just parts of your website (like your blog or landing pages) with HubSpot's Content Optimization System (COS). Depending on if you will move your entire website or just parts, you'll then have either your entire website migrated, or your just your website's style migrated, to the HubSpot COS.
If you're not hosting any content with HubSpot at all (which is very rare) you can skip all instructions related to going live. But make sure to read the instructions on installing the HubSpot tracking code on your non-HubSpot website, since otherwise you will not be able to track your website's analytics in HubSpot.

After your account contains the content that you will be hosting with HubSpot and your site's branded style, you'll need to take your HubSpot website live in order for visitors be able to visit your site by typing in your domain name. Essentially, "going live with HubSpot" is the process of associating the content that lives in your HubSpot account with a domain name associated with your business. You'll need to make changes to your domain's Domain Name System (DNS) to associate it with your HubSpot content.

This process is similar to when you buy a new cell phone and need to work with your carrier to transfer your old phone number to the new phone so that people can still reach you on the new phone.

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So how does this work?

Just as your phone number is registered with your cell phone carrier, your company's domain name is registered with your domain registrar. In most cases, your registrar also hosts your nameservers, and DNS updates can be made by logging in to your registrar's site.

There is also a chance that the DNS for your website is managed with a separate name server host.  This is generally the case, if you currently pay a separate company for hosting in addition to the company you pay an annual fee to keep your domain registered. Your DNS records live with your name server host, so you'll need to make changes on that platform in order to take your  HubSpot content live.

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If you're not sure who hosts your name servers, you can use who.is or Who Is Hosting This? to find out where your domain name is registered and who hosts its name servers. In order to go live with HubSpot, you will need to locate your login credentials for the company that hosts your name servers.

Your domain name is similar to your phone number, because it can be connected to a new content hosting server, the same way a phone number can be associated with a new phone. Your HubSpot website is similar to a new phone that you would need to transfer your phone number to, in order for people to reach you on that new phone instead of your old phone.

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Connecting to HubSpot

Regardless of whether you will be hosting all or just part of your website with HubSpot, the first step is to tell HubSpot what domains you will be connecting to your account.  To do this visit Content > Content Settings > Domain Manager and press Connect Another HubSpot COS Domain.

Once you are ready to go live, if you are not sure what parts of your website you are hosting with HubSpot, or you are uncomfortable making changes to your DNS, please contact Support by pressing the Help button in the bottom right of your Dashboard or call us at 1-888-HUB-SPOT x3. Making mistakes while updating DNS records can lead to downtime of your site and possibly even your email.

Taking parts of your website live with HubSpot

If you are only taking parts of your website live with HubSpot, like your blog and landing pages, you'll follow the going live instructions and then choose to configure only the content tools you'll need with the domain you are connecting. In the Domain to Connect field you will most likely be entering a different subdomain for your HubSpot content such as blog.YourDomainName.com or info.YourDomainName.com, because HubSpot will only be responsible for hosting part of your site's content.

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Taking your full website live with HubSpot

If you are taking your full website live with HubSpot, you'll follow the going live instructions and choose to configure all four content tools with the domain you are connecting.  In the Domain to Connect field you will most likely be entering the subdomain www.YourDomainName.com, because HubSpot will be responsible for hosting all of your site's content.

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At this time, fully hosting your site with HubSpot requires a name server host that set up a 301 redirect from the non-www version of your domain to the www version. If your DNS provider does not provide a 301 redirect, please reach out to our Support team and they can help you with a solution.

Going live instructions by registrar

Below is a list of the most commonly used hosting companies that allow an easy setup with CNAME records and 301 redirects:

Don't see instructions for your registrar? Try searching academy.hubspot.com for the name of your provider. If there aren't any instructions for your name server hosting company, click the Help button in the bottom right corner of your Dashboard to contact HubSpot support.

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