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Use weighted meeting rotations (BETA)

Last updated: May 28, 2024

Available with any of the following subscriptions, except where noted:

Sales Hub   Professional , Enterprise
Service Hub   Professional , Enterprise

zWhen you're using meeting rotations, the weighted distribution option helps you better allocate your meetings to the right team members. This can be useful when there are some team members that should be suggested for meeting more often than others.

Weighted rotations provide your sales team with more flexibility and can be useful if you want to reward top performers by scheduling them for more meetings with leads, or if you want to give new reps fewer meetings while they ramp up. 

To configure weighted distribution for meeting rotations:


  • Once you've created or edited your rotation, click Save.
  • In the rotation table, there'll be a Weight column. In the Weight field, enter the relative weight for each member. This indicates the relative percent of meetings they should receive (compared to other members).
    • By default, each member will be allocated a weight of 100%. If you keep each member at 100%, they will all receive an equal number of meetings. If the weights of all members are the same (regardless of the number), they will receive an equal number of meetings.
    • If you set one member to 100% and another to 50%, the rep at 100% will be allocated twice as many meetings as the other.
    • Due to the relative nature of the configuration, you can add and remove members from your rotation without needing to check that all percentages add up to 100%.


To pause a member of the meeting rotation so they won't be suggested for meetings, you can click to toggle their Availability switch off. If you click to toggle their Availability switch on, they will join the rotation again with their assigned percentage referenced.

You can edit the weighted rotation by editing your meeting rotation

Please note: if you change the distribution logic, add new members to the distribution, or change the weights assigned to members, the # of meeting booked count and column will reset for that rotation. This ensures the logic continues to divide meetings the way that you intend and won't result in a scenario where one member gets too many meetings in a row as they catch up to a member who has been in the rotation for longer.

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