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Create and publish LinkedIn social posts

Last updated: February 15, 2024

Available with any of the following subscriptions, except where noted:

Marketing Hub   Professional , Enterprise

After using HubSpot's full-screen social composer to draft your social post, you can further customize individual LinkedIn posts.

When creating LinkedIn posts, you can also create other posts types such as LinkedIn PDF documents or LinkedIn polls. After publishing your LinkedIn media post, document, or poll, you can analyze its performance in your social reports

To create and publish a LinkedIn post:

  • In your HubSpot account, navigate to Marketing > Social.
  • In the upper right, click Create social post.
  • In the left panel, on the Draft tab, click the Select accounts dropdown menu and select at least one LinkedIn account.
    • If a default LinkedIn account has previously been set, it will automatically be selected.
    • To select all connected LinkedIn accounts, click the LinkedIn checkbox. 
  • At the top, click the LinkedIn tab.

  • In the Post type section, select Media, Poll, or Document
    • Media: create a default LinkedIn social media post. When creating a LinkedIn post, you can choose whether or not to add additional media. 
      • Add media: add images or a video to your LinkedIn social post. This is optional. 

    • Poll: create a LinkedIn poll to collect thoughts and opinions. When creating a poll, customize the following poll details:  
      • Your question: enter the question for your poll. 
      • Option: enter the options for your poll. To add another option, click + Add option. By default, the poll must have a minimum of 2 options and a maximum of 4 options. 
      • Poll duration: set a timeframe for your poll. You can select 1 day, 3 days, 1 week, or 2 weeks


    • Document: create a LinkedIn document post to add a scrollable PDF document to your post. When creating a document post, add your file and customize the document title: 
      • Add document: add a PDF document. When adding a PDF document from the files tool, only files with public visibility can be used. 
        • To change the document, hover over the document and click the file file icon.
        • To remove the document, hover over the document and click the delete delete icon
        • It is not possible to remove or customize the image for a LinkedIn document post. By default, the first page of the document will be displayed as the post image. 
      • Document title: by default, the file name will be used. You can further edit the title of your document.


  • For all LinkedIn post types, you will need to customize the rest of your post details: 
    • What do you want to share with your network: in the text box, enter the content for your LinkedIn post.
      • You can @mention both LinkedIn company pages and personal profiles in the content of your post. When doing so, third-party application data use must be authorized for HubSpot.
      • When mentioning LinkedIn personal profiles, the LinkedIn user must meet the following requirements. If not, the user's profile will not appear and cannot be mentioned. 
        • The user must follow your LinkedIn page. 
        • The user must have a First name, Last name, and Headline
    • Publishing options: set up your publishing time, you can choose from the following options: 
      • Publish now: publish the LinkedIn post immediately. 
      • Schedule for later: select a specific date and time to publish the social post. You can also select a default time from your social publishing schedule
    • Choose who can see your post: choose whether to display your post to all LinkedIn users or specify an audience for your post.  
      • Anyone: the post will appear for all LinkedIn users following, exploring, or reviewing your account or page. 
      • Target audience: the post will only appear for the specified audiences. You can target audiences based on language, job function, location, university, seniority, company size, and industry. 
        • To use this feature, you must have more than 300 followers. If not, the option to use targeted audiences will be locked. 
        • If you have multiple options in a single specifications type, each option will be combined with OR logic. For example, Entry and Senior employees for the Seniority field, both entry-level and senior-level employees will be included in your audience. 
        • If you have multiple specification types, each specification type will be combined with each option with AND logic. For example, if you select English audiences for Language, and Entry and Senior employees for Seniority, only english entry-level employees and english senior-level employees will be included in your audience. 
    • Campaign: associate the LinkedIn post with a campaign. You can select an existing campaign or create a new campaign
  • To delete the post, in the top right, click the delete delete icon. 
  • To duplicate the post for another LinkedIn Account, in the top right, click the add plus icon next to the social account name.


  • After creating your LinkedIn post, at the top, click the Review tab. You can review a preview list of your posts.
  • To review what the post will look like, in the top left, click Preview
  • After customizing your LinkedIn posts, in the top right, click Publish now or Schedule. Alternatively, continue editing the posts for other social networks. 


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