How can I remove the email notification frequency options from my Blog Subscription Module?

Last updated: November 2, 2015

The COS Blog will automatically create a subscription form that has a corresponding Notification Frequency module. To access and hide this module from your Blog Page, please follow the directions below. Please note that actually removing the module will effectively cancel ALL notifications.

First, please navigate to Content > Design Center, which will bring you to your Template Builder. Proceed to find and select your Blog's Template (this Template is usually located under the Templates folder > Custom> Blog).

Once you're in the Template, locate the Blog Email Subscription module.

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Click the Gear Icon to the right of the Blog Email Subscription module, and select Edit Options.

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Scroll down in the Edit Module Options window, and click on Edit Subscription Form (if you have multiple Blogs using this same template, select the form corresponding to the Blog you wish to edit). Clicking on Edit Subscription Form will bring you to the subscription form currently used in your Blog.

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In the form, locate the Notification Frequency property, and proceed to edit such.

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Within Notification Frequency property form options:

1. Deselectthe Make field required check-box, and ensure the Make field hidden check-box is selected.

2. Select one default value (Instant, Daily, Weekly, or Monthly) to be applied for future visitors that may submit on your form.

When finished, click on Done Editing and Save Form.

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