What reports appear in the Blog Analyze dashboard?

Last updated: March 23, 2016

The Blog Analyze dashboard is a visual way to understand the performance of your published blog posts. Within the dashboard you may view various reports, some of which allow for further drill-down to see additional metrics by clicking on the graphs. View the original product announcement here.  

To view the Blog Analyze dashboard, go to Content > Blog > Click the Analyze tab. You will see the following reports:

  • Views - The number of views your individual blog posts have received in a specified amount of time
  • Subscribers - The current total number of subscribers to your blog and the number of total subscribers broken down by each day in a specified time frame
  • Most Recent Posts - The most recently published posts and their stats for Views, CTA Clicks, Click-through rate, and Publish Date
  • Top Posts by Views - The most viewed blog posts in order from greatest to least or least to greatest depending on how you sort
  • Top Posts by Click-throughs - Published blog posts containing a Call-to-action (CTA), how many clicks occurred on those CTAs, and the rate at which those CTAs were viewed then clicked
  • Top Posts by Conversions - See which blog posts are driving the most new contacts via form submissions


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