How do I report on revenue in HubSpot?

Last updated: December 11, 2017

There are a couple different methods for reporting on revenue in your HubSpot account: 

Revenue dashboard reports 

The following dashboard reports can be used to report on revenue. All these reports are available to Sales Free, Starter, and Professional users, except for the Sales by Item report which is for Sales Professional users only. 

To access these reports, click Add report in the upper right-hand corner of your HubSpot dashboard. Then click Add on the report you wish to add to your dashboard. 

  • Companies Revenue by First Conversion: shows the total company revenue from the specified time range, broken down by the the first conversion.    
  • Companies revenue by source: total company revenue from the specific time range, broken down by source.   
  • Deal Closed vs Goal: shows revenue from closed deals and compares that to your team's quota or a custom goal. This report is especially useful for evaluating your team's progress and setting attainable sales goals.
  • Deal Forecast: shows the amount of deal revenue for deals in each stage of your pipeline. This article covers the requirements that must be met in order for deals to appear in this report.  
  • Deal Forecast by Owner: shows the amount of deal revenue forecasted to close for each deal owner. The forecasted revenue is calculated by multiplying the deal amount by the deal stage probability. 
  • Deal Leaderboard: ranks your sales team members by the amount of closed deal revenue they've brought in.
  • Deal Revenue Leaderboard: shows deal owners ranked by their total forecasted deal amounts, breaking the deals down by pipeline stage. This report is especially useful for tracking the performance of your team members based upon projected revenue.
  • Deal Revenue per Stage by Deal Type: shows the total forecasted amounts for deals in each stage, broken down by deal type. The total forecasted amounts are calculated by multiplying the deal amount by the deal stage probability. 
  • New Deals Created: shows deal owners ranked by the number of new deals created, the total forecasted amount of open deals, and the closed amount in the selected time frame. 
  • Recent Deal Amount by Source: shows the recent deal amount associated with each contact source. Only deals with associated contacts will be included in this report. 
  • Sales by Item (Sales Professional only): shows the top product line items sold by your sales team. This report focuses on the revenue generated by each product, as opposed to the revenue generated by your deals.    

If you have the reporting add-on, then you can add some customization to these reports. To do so: 

  • Navigate to your dashboard in your HubSpot account. 
  • Hover over the report you wish to customize and select Actions > Edit. Alternatively, you can customize a report before adding it to your dashboard by clicking Customize beside the Add button.
  • In the next screen, you can customize your report's filters, what it measures, its visualization, its name, and the data values and order.

Contact and company revenue reports for Marketing Enterprise users

Marketing Enterprise users can create contact and company revenue reports by following the steps below:

  • In your Marketing Enterprise account, navigate to Reports > Reports Home. 
  • In the upper right-hand corner, click Create a new report
  • Choose either Contacts Report or Companies Report depending upon which type of records you want to see data for.
  • Select one of the default reports with the $ icon, indicating a revenue report. Then click Create report.
    revenue report recipe
  • In the above example, the created report will display the amount of revenue generated last month for all contacts.
  • To change any criteria for this report, click Edit report and adjust any values.
sample revenue report
sample revenue report

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