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Last updated: September 20, 2018


HubSpot Academy's Learning Center is where you can access lessons, tracks, and certifications so you and your team can learn about inbound and the HubSpot software at your own pace.

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How do I change the email address associated with my HubSpot certifications?

If a HubSpot user changes their email address, any certifications associated with the user's original email address can be transferred to the new email address.

Can I change the name on my certification badge? 

Yes, you can update the name on your certification badge by updating your name in your HubSpot account:

  • In your HubSpot account, click your account name in the top right corner, then click Profile & Preferences.
  • Click the pencil icon next to your name. Edit your name and click Save

Can I have the questions and answers to my certification exam? 

No. Our goal is to give everyone an equal opportunity when taking the exam, so we do not share the questions and answers from the exam, even if completed. We do share the section-by-section break-down, which you can request by emailing

Can I start the HubSpot certification exam and come back and finish it at a later time? 

No. Once you start the test, the timer starts and cannot be paused - even if you close out of the page or your web browser. You will need to complete the test within one sitting.

Can I still take the Inbound Certification if I don't have a company name and website? 

Yes, HubSpot doesn't validate on the company name or URL on this form. You can put in any company or company URL (fake or real). For example, your company could be "Grant's Plants" or you could use an existing company like "Apple." The company URLs for these would be or

Please note: some domains will not be accepted and will prevent a successful sign up, such as,,,, and

Do I have to submit elements for my practical exercises if someone else from that account has already submitted and passed the certification?

To pass the HubSpot certification, each person must submit their own completed exercises and test for grading. If you have multiple users in one account, each separate user needs to have their own unique submission that passes all practical exercise requirements.

Does it matter what HubSpot account I complete the Learning Center practicals in? 

No, it doesn’t matter what account you complete the Learning Center practicals in, as long as the account meets the criteria. This is true for auto-graded or manually corrected practical exercises in the tracks.  

How are exam scores determined?

Scores are calculated automatically by HubSpot's grading software. When your score is calculated, the software looks at incorrect answers divided by the number of questions, instead of averaging the percentage scores for each section. As a result, not all sections have the same number of questions, so the percentages aren't all weighted the same.

How can I view my certifications?  

You can view your certifications in your HubSpot Learning Center. Once you view a certification, you have the option of adding it to LinkedIn, downloading a printable version, and embedding it.  

How can I view my progress in a certification or track? 

To view how many lessons you've completed in a certification or track, click the graduation cap in the upper right-hand corner of your HubSpot account and select Learning Center

Under the Tracks tab, scroll through your tracks and certifications. For ones that you've started, you'll see a time meter below the title letting you know how long the remainder of the certification or track will take you to finish. 

Click the arrows in the upper right-hand corner of the track or certification to see all the lessons. Any completed sections in each lesson are indicated with an orange circle. Uncompleted ones are indicated with a gray circle. 


How long do I have to complete a practical exercise? 

You have 11 months to complete the practical exercise section of the certification. The test will expire 12 months after you take it. HubSpot bases your "Pass Date" and "Expiration Date" on the day you pass your practical exercise, but it's recommend not to wait too long to submit since the content is always changing.

How long will it take for my certification practical exercise to be graded? 

Some are graded automatically, whereas some are graded manually, which can take five to seven business days. You can check the status of your practical exercise in your HubSpot account.

What should I do if HubSpot Academy videos are not playing?  

Loading or playback issues can occur for a variety of reasons ranging from internet connection, device type, etc. Try these troubleshooting steps to resolve any video issues. 

Why do I need to take the HubSpot Marketing Software Certification in order to get access to the Agency Partner Certification? 

The HubSpot Marketing Software Certification is a prerequisite for the Agency Partner Certification because not only does HubSpot want to make sure their partners know how to sell and provide services (covered in the Agency Partner Certification), HubSpot also needs to know their partners are capable of successfully using the HubSpot software in the first place (covered in the HubSpot Marketing Software Certification.)

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