How to improve your website pages over time

Last Updated: December 09, 2013

After you go live with your website on HubSpot, you'll want to keep working on improving the performance of those pages over time and building out new pages to support your business. This is an ongoing process that you can work on with a variety of methods.

Optimize the SEO of your pages using the Page Performance tool

Review the performance of your website pages using the Page Performance tool. Follow these instructions to learn how.

Continue to test your website pages

Test your live pages as time goes on. Exploratory interviews focusing on each of your lifecycle stages are a great way to do this. Different personas and those in different stages of the buying process want particular information from your pages. Talk to three to five people in each category and get a feel for what they need to know and get out of your pages. Find a common task that each type of person wants to complete on your site so you can get candid feedback on how easy your site makes it to carry out that task. Once you know what each person is looking for, it's time to use HubSpot's Smart Content features to provide the proper information to each type of person. Personalize the process for them, and don't show them information they don't need.

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