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Last updated: January 13, 2017

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Before you activate your workflow, you may want to test your workflow to view the sequence of events in action. When you are testing a workflow, it actually sends your test contact through the workflow. Some key points to keep in mind while doing this process:

  • Any contact used to test a workflow will be enrolled into the workflow and all actions saved in your workflow will execute for that contact. It is always recommended to use an internal or a test contact.
  • Because your test contact is actually enrolled in the workflow, if your workflow settings specify that a contact can only enroll in the workflow once in your settings, if your contact actually becomes eligible for the workflow, they will not go through the workflow again. Again, it is recommended to use an internal or a test contact.
  • All emails in your workflow will send and all actions will execute in order, but without any specified delays, which can impact your branching logic.  Check out this article for more information on testing branching logic
  • Test contacts will appear in your workflow metrics; they will count towards your total started and total completed contacts.

Please note that your workflow does not need to be activated in order to send a test contact through the workflow.

Navigate to Workflows

From your HubSpot Marketing Dashboard, navigate to Contacts > Workflows.

Select workflow to test

From the Workflows dashboard, locate the workflow that you would like to test, click the name of your workflow to edit it.

Choose Test

At the top-right hand side of your workflow, click Test.

Enroll test contact

Search for and select your test contact from the dropdown menu, then click the Enroll test contact button.

Note: this will execute ALL of the actions in your workflow to your test contact; therefore, it is imperative to use a test contact.

Once you click to enroll, you'll see a success message letting you know your test contact was enrolled.

View the workflow’s History (tab at the top of your workflow) to see the details of the enrollment. All test contacts will be marked with a tag below their name that indicates they are a test contact.

Now that you have tested your workflow, take some time to make any necessary changes to the workflow actions. Then, choose an appropriate starting condition and activate your workflow.

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