Facebook lead ads | Frequently Asked Questions

Last updated: January 29, 2021

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All products and plans

Find answers and general information quickly about Facebook lead ads in HubSpot's ads tool. If you have questions about Google Ads or the general ads tool in HubSpot, refer to this article: Ads | Frequently Asked Questions.


Does HubSpot charge for the Facebook lead ads integration?

No. The Facebook lead ads integration with HubSpot is free. You pay Facebook for the lead ads you run, but HubSpot does not charge anything on top of that.

Can I create lead ads from within HubSpot?

Yes. The user who connected the Facebook Ads account can create lead ads from within HubSpot. Other users must create lead ads from Facebook

How do I test my Facebook lead ad?

You can test your Facebook lead ads with Facebook's Testing Tool. Any test leads created in the testing tool will have an Original source data 2 value of Facebook organic lead in HubSpot.

How do I pay for my Facebook lead ads in HubSpot?

If you haven’t set up a Facebook Ads account, you’ll be prompted to add your payment information when you create a lead ad. Your payment method will be added to Facebook and be accessible in your Facebook Ads Manager.

Do I need a privacy policy for my Facebook lead ads?

While HubSpot can’t provide any direct legal advice, it's usually recommended to have a privacy policy.

Can I get notification emails when someone submits my Facebook lead ad?

Yes. If you're creating a new lead ad campaign in HubSpot:

  • Click the Automation tab.
  • Click Basic automation.
  • Click the Send new contact notification to dropdown menu, then select a user or enter a new email address to receive notifications when a new contact converts on your lead ad.


To configure new contact notifications for an existing lead ad campaign, you can edit the ad and update the notification settings under Automate.

Please note: this option can be used if the lead ad was created in Facebook or HubSpot, but is not available for dynamic Facebook lead ads.



What permissions are needed to sync Facebook leads to HubSpot?

To sync Facebook leads to HubSpot, the user connecting the Facebook and HubSpot accounts requires at least the following:

  • Ads Publish permissions in HubSpot.
  • Admin access in the Facebook Ads account.
  • Admin access in the Facebook business page(s).
  • Lead Access in the Facebook business page(s).

Learn more about the permissions required to connect a Facebook Ads account to HubSpot.

How do I sync existing Facebook lead ads to HubSpot?

After connecting your Facebook Ads account to HubSpot, your existing lead ads in Facebook will automatically appear on your ads dashboard.

Any leads that have been created from these ads in the last 90 days will be created as contacts in your HubSpot portal. These existing leads will not be reflected in the New contacts metric in the Influenced first form submission attribution report due to the delay between the contact's lead ad form submission and their creation in HubSpot.

Learn how to manage Facebook pages syncing leads to HubSpot.

How do I sync Facebook lead ad forms to HubSpot?

After connecting your Facebook Ads account to HubSpot, all active lead ad forms associated with Facebook business pages enabled for syncing will be automatically created in your HubSpot account. You can remove Facebook lead ad forms from HubSpot by archiving the form in your Facebook business page.

How often does HubSpot sync leads from Facebook?

If you have a Marketing Hub Enterprise or Professional account, HubSpot syncs leads from Facebook every 30 minutes. If you have a Marketing Hub Starter or Free account, HubSpot syncs leads every 2 hours.

Will custom fields on Facebook lead ads sync to HubSpot?

Yes. Custom fields included on your Facebook lead ads will be automatically created in HubSpot as single-line text properties in the Lead Ad Properties property group. Learn more about HubSpot to Facebook lead ads field mappings.

Will the consent field on my Facebook lead ad sync to HubSpot?

Yes. If you add a consent field to your lead ad in Facebook, it will sync to HubSpot. This field will start syncing for all Facebook lead ads in your HubSpot ads tool.



How do I segment contacts on Facebook lead ad conversions?

Facebook lead ad conversions sync to HubSpot as a form submission. This form is automatically created in your HubSpot account, and has the naming convention of Lead Ad: [Name of the lead ad form]. All active forms for a Facebook business page are also automatically created in HubSpot after you enable lead syncing for the page. The corresponding form submission can be used to segment contacts in filters, lists, and workflows.

Why does my contact have an Original source data 2 value of Facebook organic lead?

If someone shares or comments on your Facebook lead ad, contacts that aren’t in your targeting parameters may see your lead ad. If these organic leads submit your lead ad, you won’t have to pay for them, and they'll have an Original source data 2 value of Facebook organic lead in HubSpot.

If you test your Facebook lead ad with Facebook's Testing Tool, any test leads created will also have an Original source data 2 value of Facebook organic lead in HubSpot.