What is the file size limit in the file manager?

Last updated: August 16, 2017

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There is no size limit for files uploaded to the file manager except for video files. All video files uploaded to your file manager will automatically be transcoded to stream at 2.5Mb per second.

How can I see my video's file size?

To see the file size of your uploaded video, click on the video file in you file manager. The sidebar on the right will display the file size, shown below. Any videos over 2.5Mb per second will have a link below the file size information which you can click to download the original file.  

If you would like to achieve a higher streaming rate, we recommend uploading your videos to a video hosting service (such as Wistia, YouTube, or Vimeo) and embedding the video within a rich text module on your HubSpot page. 

What size should my other file uploads be?

While there's not a limit for other file types, if you're uploading files in excess of 1 GB, you may experience slowness within the application during the upload process due to bandwidth issues during processing. However, the files should eventually process.

If you need to upload a file that is several gigabytes in size, we recommend closing all other applications and media services within your browser to free up resources during processing. 

Please note: HubSpot's file management system is designed to host web and marketing content, so certain files such as streaming media and >100MB files are better suited for dedicated servers that are set up to handle the amount of bandwidth downloading those files would require.

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