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Customize your HubSpot Sales Outlook desktop add-in

Last updated: October 18, 2019

If you're using the Outlook desktop add-in, you can configure your default options for the add-in, including switching your connected account, setting your default log and track settings, and managing your Never log settings.

Please note: if you're using the Office 365 add-in instead, the add-in settings will look different in your mail client. Learn more about how to customize your Office 365 add-in settings.  

To access your settings:

  • Log in to your Outlook desktop account.
  • In the Outlook inbox ribbon, click HubSpot Sales and select Settings. A dialog box will appear with the following configuration options: 

  1. Your inbox is connected: this confirms if the Outlook inbox you're logged into is connected to HubSpot. If your inbox is not connected, you'll see a button to Enable connection instead.
  2. Switch connected HubSpot account: if you're using multiple HubSpot accounts, click the dropdown menu to select a different account to connect with your HubSpot Sales desktop add-in. This is the account where your tracked and logged email information is stored. This is also the account where you'll access your sales tools from in your email client. 
  3. Sidebar: select the Show Contact Profiles checkbox if you'd like the contact profiles sidebar to appear in your email account when sending emails to your contacts. If you have GDPR enabled in your account, these contact profiles cannot be disabled. 
  4. Log and track preferences: select the Log email and Track email checkboxes if you'd like your emails to be logged and tracked by default. Clear these checkboxes if you don't want your emails to be logged and tracked by default and would rather check the boxes manually before sending each email.
  5. Never log: in the dialog box, enter an email address or an email domain in the field below Never log and click Add. Any email you send to the email addresses or domains added here will never be logged in your HubSpot account. Click Remove beside an email address or an email domain to remove it from this list. You can also specify never log emails and domains from your HubSpot account settings and block specific IP addresses from email tracking in HubSpot

When you're finished configuring your desktop add-in, click Save at the bottom.

If you need additional assistance getting set up with your Outlook desktop plugin, in the dialog box, click the Help dropdown menu. Select Academy to access help documentation resources, or click Customer Terms of Service if you want to know more about how HubSpot handles your data. outlook-desktop-add-in-configure-settings