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Last updated: December 20, 2016

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HubSpot's Support Inbox is a great way to search our Knowledge Base or get in touch with HubSpot Support if any questions or technical issues come up while you're using HubSpot. 

Support Inbox will allow you to get in touch from HubSpot Support directly within the HubSpot tool so you can continue on with your work as uninterrupted as possible. You'll also be able to look at the history of your support tickets if you need a memory refresh on a question you previously had that HubSpot Support helped you with. You will be able to do the following with the Support Inbox tool:

  • Check on the status of your support tickets

  • Search and browse past tickets to see how they got resolved

  • See a history of past interactions with support rep and continue in progress conversations

  • Close tickets when you are happy with the answer you have received

  • Receive notifications via the Help button when you have an updated status on a support ticket

Take a look at the steps to below to learn how to get started with Support Inbox.

Navigate to the Help button

At any point while you're working in your HubSpot account, you'll see a Help button located at the bottom right-hand side. Click the Help button to begin accessing your Support Inbox.
HubSpot Help article screenshot

Search and view the Knowledge Base

After clicking the Help button, you'll have the ability to search the knowledge base and view all help articles within the help screen, so you can keep working while you read. You can even expand the article view, or click Open in Academy to open the article in a new window, if you prefer.

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Contact Support

If you weren't able to locate a help article that resolves your issue, you can get in touch with HubSpot Support by clicking Contact Support.

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From here, you can choose Call me or Email me. Provide an overview of your problem and a longer description of the issue you're seeing. You can also attach any screenshots of the issue you're experiencing. 

If you chose Call me, you'll want to provide a phone number for HubSpot Support to reach back out. If you chose Email me, just ensure the email that is populated there is correct and where you want to receive a response from HubSpot Support.

Please note: currently, HubSpot only offers phone support in English. Call-back and email support are available in English, Spanish, German, and Japanese. Support documentation is provided through an automated translation service and is available at

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Using Support Inbox

When first clicking into the Help button you'll notice that, if you have open support tickets, you'll see a quick preview of your tickets. 

Click View your support inbox to go into the Support Inbox tool.

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From here, you'll see a complete dashboard of your support ticket history. Let's do a quick overview of what you'll see here:

1. Filter between All, Open, and Closed tickets. (If you're an administator, you'll also see a dropdown menu to choose between seeing all tickets in your account or just your tickets.)
2. List of support tickets; you can click one one to go into the specific conversation of that ticket in order to reply, close, or re-open.
3. Click here to create a new support ticket.
4. Search bar to find historical tickets.
5. Screen where you will be able to view your ticket conversation.
6. Text box to reply to your support ticket, and Reply/Close options for that specific ticket.
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When replying to a ticket, you can enter in your reply in the text box at the bottom and click reply, or you can click reply and close which will indicate that you believe the open issue is resolved.

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And if an old issue comes back to rear its ugly head, you can click Open at the bottom of that ticket conversation to re-open the issue with support.

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If you had support tickets open previous to the launch of the new Help button on December 7th, 2015, you may not see all of your support tickets in Support Inbox. Don't fret, Support is still working on them, they just might not display here.

Notifications on support ticket activity

When you have received a reply from one of our Support reps on your open support ticket, the Help button will notify you. You'll see the Help button turn blue along with a picture of your support rep and a number that indicates the amount of activity.

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Once you click into the Help button to check your activity, you'll be able to quickly see which ticket has activity and you can go back into your Support Inbox to view your ticket and respond as needed.

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Give us your feedback

In addition to using the Help button to search for articles and contact support within the HubSpot software, you can also provide feedback there. Once you click on the Help button, choose Give us feedback

From here, you can choose a number to tell us how happy you are about the app and provide some extra details, if you like. Click Submit feedback once you're done. All feedback will go to our Product Team so they can understand what is being done well and what can be improved on for future updates to HubSpot.

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