Can I map custom fields from lead ads?

Yes, you can map custom fields from lead ads by following the instructions here.

How can I sync my existing lead ads campaigns?

Once you connect your ads account in your ads settings, new leads from existing lead ads will sync over to HubSpot automatically. To access your ads settings, in your HubSpot account, click your photo or avatar in the top right-hand corner, then click Settings. In the left sidebar menu, click Marketing > Ads.

Please note: HubSpot will not pull in leads that were already created in your Facebook Ads account prior to connecting your account to HubSpot.

How can I segment on Facebook lead ad conversions?

Facebook lead ad conversions sync to HubSpot as a form submission for a form that HubSpot automatically creates. The form's name is structured as Facebook Lead Ad: [Name of Lead Ad]. This form is only created in HubSpot for a given lead ad when the first conversion to that lead ad syncs over. This can then be used in segmentation in lists and workflows the same way you'd segment on a form submission. 

For example, you can create a list of contacts who converted on a particular Facebook lead ad with the criteria Form submission | Contact has filled out form | [Select the Facebook lead ad form you would like to filter by]. You can select the same options as enrollment triggers in a workflow.

Can I make changes to my lead ad?

While lead ads will always sync to HubSpot, they can only be edited wherever they were originally created. For example, lead ads originally created in Facebook can only be edited in Facebook, and any changes made to the ad will sync back to HubSpot.  

The following aspects of your lead ad can be changed in HubSpot: 

  • Creative headline
  • Text
  • Image or video
  • Audience
  • Payment method

The following elements cannot be altered in HubSpot at this time:

  • Ad set name 
  • Campaign name and ad name
  • Lifetime budget
  • Schedule start
  • Schedule end
  • Placement 

In Facebook, it's not currently possible to edit an existing lead ads form. Learn more here.

Will changes I make to my campaign in Facebook sync to HubSpot?

Yes, HubSpot passes all information from ads you created from within HubSpot. If you use Facebook to add another ad to a campaign you created via HubSpot, this new ad will sync to HubSpot.

Can I filter my lead ad submissions?

Yes, lead ad sumbissions will appear as form submission events on the contact record.

How can I test my lead ad?

You can test your lead ads here. Any test leads will appear as Facebook organic leads in the sources report.

Why does my lead appear in Sources as Paid Social Facebook organic lead?

If someone shares or comments on your lead ads, users that aren’t in your targeting parameters may see your ad. If those organic users submit your lead ad, you won’t have to pay for them and we’ll categorize them as organic leads in the sources report.

Can I integrate my Facebook pixel using HubSpot?

Yes! You can add your Facebook website pixel everywhere your HubSpot tracking code is to build a website retargeting audience. Please note that this is not the same as conversion tracking pixel installation. You will still need to add custom conversion pixels to your thank you pages.

Does HubSpot charge anything for the lead ads integration?

No, the lead ads integration is completely free. You still have to pay Facebook for the ads you run, but HubSpot does not charge anything on top of that.

How do I pay for my lead ads in Facebook?

If you haven’t set up a Facebook ads account, you’ll be prompted to add your payment information in the Facebook ad creation window. Your payment method will then be added to Facebook and will be accessible in the Ads Manager.

Do I need the ads add-on to access the lead ads?

No, the lead ads tool is available using HubSpot's free marketing tools.

Can I edit a lead ad created by another user in my account?

Yes, you can edit ads created by other users as long as you have access to the Facebook ads account and Facebook page used to create the ad.

Why can’t I select some of my Facebook pages?

If you aren't able to select some of your Facebook pages, ensure you're using the right Facebook account and make sure you're a page admin for the page you're trying to use.

Do I need a privacy policy?

While HubSpot can’t give you any direct legal advice, having a privacy policy is usually a good idea. Check out this blog post for more information.  

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