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Why did some of my contact's email properties change with the change source of 'Migration' in late August and early September 2017?

Last updated: October 9, 2017

Between late August and early September 2017, you might have noticed some of your contacts' email information properties changed, with the change source of Migration. Here is a list of some of those properties (a full list of these email information properties are included here): 

  • Emails Bounced
  • Emails Delivered
  • Emails Opened
  • Emails Clicked
  • First email send date
  • First email open date
  • First email click date

These properties, which are dependent on a contact’s current email address, had two major changes to their source data, explained below (please note that Currently in a Workflow is an email information propery that wasn't affected)

Non-marketing data and counting errors

First, the email information contact properties are based on marketing emails (not sales emails). However, values for certain properties were unintentionally including non-marketing data. The corrected data for all affected contacts was fixed as part of a migration earlier in August 2017.

Second, there were errors in source data. Source data is the data stored regarding a contact's email activity and is how we maintain the counts for email properties in our system. When the counts change (such as the number for the Emails Opened property), we push the updated values to contacts as a property update. Because minor counting errors in this source data has accumulated over the years, the source data for contacts has been recalculated from scratch and also made to be more resilient to errors. This not only removed the non-marketing data, but also corrected any accumulated counting errors.

Additionally, there were several gaps in the logic that were corrected. This logic is what keeps the source data in-sync with what appears on a contact record.

For instance, when a contact’s email address changed, all property values on a contact weren't updating to correspond to the new email address. For example, let's say a contact's original email was, and the contact's new email is The contact received three marketing emails with, giving them a value of 3 in their Emails Delivered contact property. However, because the contact opened past emails received with their original email,, they have a value of 12 in their Emails Opened  property. Over the years, this has also resulted in incorrect and often mismatched values on a contact record. 

Resync property values

To correct discrepancies between the source data and what’s shown on a contact’s record, a second migration was performed to resync property values from the source data for all properties on all contacts across HubSpot. Please note that for some contacts, some or all of the properties were migrated to blank values because there was no corresponding source data.

How do I know if one of my contacts was affected?

To see if one of your contacts was affected, navigate to the contact's record and click View > View all properties in the contact's About section. Hover over an email information contact property and click See history. If the contact was affected, you'll see an update to the affected property with the change source of Migration between August 21, 2017 and September 2, 2017.

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