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Set contacts as marketing

Last updated: December 2, 2022

Applies to:

Marketing Hub Starter, Professional, Enterprise

In HubSpot, you store and manage information about your potential customers in contact records. However, you may not need to market to all of them. If so, you can use marketing contacts and pay for only the contacts you want to market to.

Please note: the following instructions only apply to Marketing Hub accounts with marketing contacts. Learn how to check if your HubSpot account has access to marketing contacts. If you do not have access but would like to, you can request marketing contacts for your account.

Once a contact is deemed as a marketing contact, they cannot be set as non-marketing in the same month. Learn how to preemptively set contacts as non-marketing for the next renewal period.

Set existing contacts as marketing

If you have permissions to update marketing contact status, you can update a non-marketing contact to a marketing contact anytime. These newly set marketing contacts will count towards your billable contact tier limit, going forwards in the current period.

Once a contact is set as marketing, there is no way to turn a contact back to non-marketing before the next update date. You can only preemptively set them as non-marketing in the wizard and the non-marketing contact status will be applied at the next update date.

Manually set contacts as marketing

To set contacts as marketing contacts:

  • In your HubSpot account, navigate to Contacts > Contacts.
  • Select the checkboxes next to contacts you want to set as marketing contacts. You can use a saved view to help you select the right contacts.
  • At the top of the table, click the More dropdown menu and select Set as marketing contacts.
  • In the dialog box, enter the number of contacts you're updating and click Set [x] contacts.

Automatically set contacts as marketing using workflows

If you have access to the workflows tool, you can automatically set contacts as marketing based on their property values.

To watch an overview of this process, check out the video below:

See the full HubSpot Academy lesson: Workflows deep dive

To set up a contact-based workflow that sets a contact's marketing status:

  • In your HubSpot account, navigate to Automation > Workflows.
  • To edit an existing workflow, hover over the workflow, then click Edit. Or, learn how to create a new contact-based workflow.
  • In the workflow editor, click the + plus icon to add an action. 
  • In the right panel, select the Set marketing contact status action. Then click the Value dropdown menu and select Set as marketing.
  • Once you've turned on your workflow, contacts who meet your enrollment triggers will be set as marketing contacts when they pass through the Set marketing contact status action.

Automatically set contacts as marketing using forms

When you create a form, you can choose to automatically set contacts who submit the form as marketing by toggling on the Set contacts created as marketing contacts switch. Once turned on, any contact that submits the form, including existing contacts, will be set as marketing. This setting is turned on by default for all forms, but you can update the setting for each individual form.

You can also set the default status of contacts who submit non-HubSpot forms.

Set the default marketing contact status for new contacts

Contacts can be created by different HubSpot tools, such as forms and chatflows. These tools have a default marketing contact status for the contacts they create. Learn the default marketing contact status for these lead capture tools and how to update the default marketing contact statuses for some of them.

For contacts created by integrations, you can configure their default marketing contact status.

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